One-Step Automation is a family-owned business specializing in automated seed processing solutions. 

Operating out of the heart of the continent, we are ideally situated to service you in the Canadian or American Mid-West and beyond! 

History of Integrity

We have a strong agricultural background of our own which helps us understand what’s important to you and your business. Integrity and excellent customer service are at our core and we are committed to quality workmanship and materials. Licensed electricians with over 40 years experience, we can take care of your every need relating to the building and installation of your automation system.


Leading Technology

Using One-Step automation technology means you experience significant labour and programming savings compared to using traditional PLC controllers. Expanding or modifying a PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) system is easy once it is in place and the PAC programming language is a lot more efficient than the ladder logic-based programming languages of PLCs. This means you get a faster, highly responsive performance out of your controller. Our controllers communicate on a TCP/IP network standard -- this allows for simple, easy interfacing with a computer or touchscreen.

Proven Results

One-Step Automation provides top of the line systems that improve your efficiency and save you money. We've supplied and installed control panel and monitoring set-ups for various industries and operations around the world, delivering high quality products and customer service with integrity - every time. 

Simply Powerful Automation

Soundly tested and cutting edge technology meets the small business sector through our highly efficient cost-conscious system designs. Easy to use and sophisticated, our automated systems improve your productivity – and your peace of mind.