Our product packages are fully customizable. We come alongside you to develop a plan that will improve the productivity of your entire operations. Our experienced business model and customer service is second to none. FREE consultation!

Drawings and Equipment

 We always provide CAD drawings of proposed and completed projects including field wiring connections. Our packages come complete with all necessary hardware including contactor panels, sensors, controllers, relays, and touchscreen computers.

On-Systems Training

Our friendly and informative training gives you the confidence you need to see all the functions and controls of your new system.

After-Sales Support

We will ensure that your system is running when you need it most. This includes remote diagnostic support -- most problems can be solved through a remote connection to our offices, drastically reducing the downtime you could face waiting for a service call.

OEM Panels for Manufacturers

Outsourcing your control needs to us will leave you more time to focus on your equipment manufacturing specialties. We have the experience and the set-up to produce any volume of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) panels you need in a wide range of capabilities.

Fully Customizable

We custom build your solution the way you want it, from simple switch panels to programmable relay or PAC/PLC driven solutions. 

Cost Efficient

Being a large volume panel builder, we have excellent pricing and inventory with our suppliers; this is passed on to you with economical pricing and time-sensitive delivery.


Forty-Year History

Our control panels are found on farms and in facilities worldwide in a variety of applications with a proven reliable track record for over 40 years.

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